Titanic 2 - Jack's Back (2019 Trailer Remastered)


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Titanic 2 - Jack's Back (2019) Movie Trailer

But I thought the old lady dropped it in the ocean in the end.  Well baby, I went down and got it for you.

Coming this summer, it's Titanic 2: Jack's Back! Leonardo DiCaprio returns as Jack Dawson in this newly remastered trailer for the 2006 cult film Titanic 2.  What happens when everything you ever knew is gone?  Join Jack in a deadly game of cat and mouse, as he battles a corrupt police force and discovers the truth about Titanic.  Will Jack and Rose finally get the happy ending they deserve?


I set out to create a new trailer for Titanic 2 and stumbled upon the original Titanic 2 The Surface: Jacks Back trailer.  Created in 2006 by Robert Blankenheim under the pseudonym Derek Johnson, it's an incredible piece of work that apparently took 4 years to create.  Unfortunately the only copies still left online are low quality rips (standard for 2006), or muted due to copyright issues.

I recreated the original trailer shot for shot.  I sourced HD footage, redid the special effects scenes (wow, there were a lot), changed the music, redid the voice overs, animated the title sequences, re-edited the intro scene and re-shot some stand-alone video shots.  It took me about 3 weeks to recreate this trailer.

If you're the original creator and reading this, please reach out to me so I can link to some of your new material.  You deserve recognition for your incredible amount of work and creativity.

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